Tutorial on how to do Knitted flowers



Here are some knitted flowers I have been working on, similar way to how I’ve knitted flowers in the past but I’ve now knitted leaves on and I’ve learnt how to do the middle of the flower properly and better. Because I’ve had requests on some of my past post on how to knit these types of flowers, I have put together a step by step on how to do them using simple instructions and photos.

I made these flowers using my small flower loom set, I used a square loom and a medium circle see in the photo


Step 1

Start with some green yarn which will make the leaves. First tie it on to the side as shown in photo, then start by going in a straight line across the looms and go a round the peg, then follow it around turning your square as you go backward and forwards looping each peg that’s opposite each other until you have gone all the way round, as seen in the photos



Step 2

Now we start the flower, pick a colour you would like your flower to be, again its the same steps but this time you follow it around in a circle as seen in the photos



Step 3

Untie your yarn and tie it underneath the square. Next we start the middle of the flower, first come up through the middle and go through one of the loops (flower petal) then back up through the middle to the next petal and so on until you have gone all the way around see photos


Step 4

Tie the yarn together underneath and then slowly push the flower and leaves out of the looms, starting with the circle loom in the middle and then the outer square loom.


Your flower is now completed. Hope it helps. I will have to get a proper camera so that I can do a video tutorial.



Rice crafts

We did some crafts using rice. We made a glove monster and a shaker out of a kitchen roll monster we made.

First of all we stuffed the glove with rice


Then I sewed up the top of the glove and sewed some buttons on for the nose and eyes and I sewed a zig zag mouth.



A few days before this we made kitchen roll monsters


My son decided to change one of the monsters into a shaker. So I put some paper on the bottom and put an elastic round to hold it, he put lots of rice in it and then I put paper in the top and put an elastic round it. He enjoyed shaking it a round the house.


Painting stones



After a trip to the beach we found some big stones and decided to paint them at home. I painted four stones and my two boys painted five stones between them we had fun.






Sock crafts


Sock crafts I made, two different butterflies and a monkey they are quite simple to make.

For the butterflies you cut some wings out of two pieces of felt, and for the body use one sock cut the sock just below the heel stuff the sock and sew it up. With the rest of the sock u cut out the shape of ear/ tenticles stuff them and sew them on to the butterflies body. Sew some buttons on to decorate the body and for the eyes.



For the monkey I used two socks, one for the monkeys body which I stuffed and sewed up the body. I used the second sock for the legs, arms, tail and ears, stuffed them and sewed them on to the monkeys body. I sewed buttons on to  decorate the body and for the eyes.


I enjoyed making them. Think sock crafts is one of my favourite crafts to do.

Another spring flower wreath


I made another spring flower wreath but this time for my mom. She has now hung it on her front door too. I made it the same way I made mine, but added more flowers.


She was very happy as you can tell by her smile.

Spring flower wreath


Spring flower wreath I made. I cut out a ring shape out of some cardboard and wrapped wool all the way around it twice


Then I loom knitted some flowers and tied them onto the wreath




Then hung it up on the back of my front door, makes my hall way look colourful.

Kitchen and toilet roll crafts


We cut up kitchen rolls and toilet rolls into thin loops. We then glued them together to make different things. Some things we made we added more detail like colouring in, drawing a face or use more toilet rolls and squash them into heart shaped and put them inside the butterfly and flowers as shown in the first picture above.








We all had lots of fun.



Sock bunnies


For Easter myself and my son made some sock Easter bunnies. We got two different sized socks and stuffed them with filling. Then cut a slit in the tops of the socks for the ears. We tied an elastic hair bobble to make the body and head. We put another elastic around the top to close the sock off and too part the ears. We glued some googly eyes and nose on.


Easter crafts


Today we did some Easter crafts, two bunnies and a chicken. First we did lots of foot prints and hand prints using paints for the feet, ears, wings and carrots.


I cut around each of the hand and foot prints, I cut out three body shapes, one for the chicken and two for the bunnies.

Afterwards I stuck the feet and hands onto the body shapes like this:





He had fun.