Patchwork Cushion

Patchwork Cushion

My first try at making a patchwork cushion with my sewing machine. There are a fair few mistakes i will admit, but I am a beginner got a lot to learn, it was a lot harder than I thought it would be but I gave it a try.
Practice makes perfect so maybe next time it be better.
But quite proud of it really even if bits do look wonky πŸ™ˆ but it’s not bad for first try could have been worse. As I got quite frustrated at times but I got there eventually lol.

I cut out 18 squares of different patterned materials. And sewed them all together with my sewing machine. Stuffed it then sewed up the bottom which I did find hard to do.

Practice makes perfect.

Loom knitted polar bear

Loom knitted polar bear

Hi everyone,

I have had a few requests on a tutorial on how to make this cute little polar bear.

So I’ve put together a tutorial.

Things you need:

24 peg round loom

12 peg round loom


Coloured yarn of your choice

Plastic safety eyes


Step 1

Using the 24 peg round loom for the body and head together I did 30 rows using the drawstring stitch.

Drawstring stitch is the best for knitting teddies as your able to sew the bottom and top up easier.

Step 2

After doing 30 rows I casted off using the same zig zag drawstring stitch. I pulled the yarn close together until it closed off the top, I stitched it to make it more secure.

Step 3

I stuffed it and added some safety eyes for the nose and eyes, then sewed up the bottom. I then tied some yarn around it to make the head shape, to part both both body and head.

Step 4

I did the same sewing technique for the arms and legs, but I used around 12 peg loom. I did 8 rows for the arms, stuffed them and sewed them on to the body. I did 10 rows for the legs and again stuffed them sewed them up and sewed them on to the body.

Step 5

For the hat I used a 24 peg round loom and again using draw string stitch, I did 15 rows. Then casted off and tied and sewed up the top end. I then sewed the hat on to the bears head.

There we have it a polar bear with a hat on. So cute.

Sewing a Pin Cushion

Sewing a Pin Cushion

Hi everyone,

As I’ve shown in previous post some simple sewing projects i have done with my new sewing machine.

I have started a sewing course for beginners and have learnt a lot from it already.

So my first task was to make a pin cushion.

I cut two materials to the same size one each for back and front.

For the front I practiced doing lots of different patterns using the different pattern settings on my sewing machine. I did this all the way across the front.

I then sewed both the back and front materials together, leaving one side open so that I could stuff the cushion then sewed it up.

And there we have it my first pin cushion.



I enjoyed making it.

Sock Zebra

Sock Zebra

Hi all,

I have put together a tutorial on how to make a sock zebra.

Firstly you need a pair of socks.

1) Cut the socks into the pieces shown above

2) turn out the body, legs, ears and arms and sew across the sorted lines bit hard to see on here but look closely

3) Turn back the inside bit fill with stuffing

4)Sew all of the opening as shown above

5) sew the ears and hair onto the head. And sew the arms on to the body

6) sew the body and head together

7) thread together the dotted line show above

Sew all of the buttons on to the zebra as shown in the picture.

And there we have a sock zebra.



Hi all πŸ™‹

Welcome to Nessiecrafts

I originally set up this page to show what different things I have been making.
I am now going to start selling some of them. And will be making other different things to sell. If your interested in anything just let me know 😊

Here are some examples of things that I have made and will be selling.
I will be making different keyrings, brooches, jewellery, hair accessories, bookmarks, sock crafts, wreaths, knitted accessories, knitted toys and clothing and different seasonal crafts.

Knitted Batman πŸ¦‡

Knitted Batman πŸ¦‡

Hi all,

My brother loves collecting batman things. So I decided to knit him a Batman.

I used four different coloured yarns to do this, yellow, black, grey and a peach like colour for the face.

I used a 24 peg round loom, a 12 peg round loom and a 6 peg round loom

Two buttons for the eyes πŸ‘€.

First I knitted the body, whick included the pant area, belt, body, face and mask

Till it looked like this, 8 rows for the pants, 10 rows for the belt, body 15 rows, face 12 rows and mask 10 rows.

I stuffed the batman with stuffing and sewed up both ends.

Next I knitted the legs and arms. For the legs I used a 12 peg round loom and did 15 rows, using black for the shoes which I did 6 rows and 9 rows for the legs. I stuffed them and sewed them to the body. For the arms I did 4 rows for the gloves and 8 rows for the arms, I stuffed them and sewed them on to the body.

I tied some thread around the neck area too seperate the neck and body.

I did 20 rows using 24 peg loom for the cape and sewed it onto the back of Batman.

For Batman’s horns I used 6 peg loom a did 5 rows then sewed them on to the top of the mask one on each side.

I sewed some buttons for the eyes and sewed a mouth and nose too.

I sewed a Batman logo on to the front of batman.

There we have a knitted Batman. My bother really liked it.

Knitted πŸ¦‹ Butterfly

Knitted πŸ¦‹ Butterfly

Hi everyone,

Today I’m going to tell you how I made my knitted butterfly.

I love butterflies there just so pretty an beautiful πŸ¦‹ I would have butterflies everywhere if I could.

Well anyway, to make this butterfly you will need:

Different coloured yarn of your choice- I chose blue and turquoise sort of colour my favourite colours. I aso used a small bit of purple yarn.

Colourful buttons

Googly eyes

And a 24 peg round loom

And a 6 peg round loom

For the wings I used a 24 peg round loom , I used drawstring stitch, and o did 30 rows for each wing. Then stuffed them and sewed both ends up.

For the body, again I used the 24 peg round loom, but this time I did 40 rows using drawstring stitch, stuffed it then sewed both ends up. I tied some yarn round it to separate the body and head.

I tied some purple yarn around each wing to make the wing shape to seperate the top and bottom of the wings.

I then sewed the wings onto the body.

I sewed on matching colourful buttons for each wing. And glued on some googly eyes.

For the butterfly antennas I used blue yarn to match the wing colour. I used the 6 peg round loom, I did drawstring stitch and did 6 rows. I put a small bit of stuffing into each one. And tided abit of yarn around the top part of the antennas. I sewed them both on to the butterfly’s head. I sewed a smiley face on it too.

There we have it a loom knitted butterfly πŸ¦‹ I love it so pretty and colouful.

Sewing 🧡 machine craft project

Sewing 🧡 machine craft project

Hi, everyone πŸ™‹

So, for my second sewing machine project I kept to something simple as using a sewing machine is all very new to me.

Hopefully when I start my sewing course in September I’ll learn a lot more skills and get used of making more things in different shapes and sizes.

Well anyway, I have made a little bag, just could maybe do with handle if you were to use as a bag. Or it could be a make up bag or any personal belongings.

I used one long fat quarter material and sewed up 3 of the sides leaving it longer at the top so that it makes a flap. I sewed a button onto it and I cut a hole for the button so that you can close it.

There we have it my second sewing machine project.

Might try making cushion covers. 😊

Knitted🧢 Angel πŸ‘Ό

Knitted🧢 Angel πŸ‘Ό

Morning everyone,

I’ve been Loom knitting little characters again.

This time I’ve knitted an Angel πŸ‘Ό for my mom. She loves angels and I know it will mean a lot to her.

You will need:

12 peg round loom

24 peg round loom

8 peg round loom


Felt material

Pipe cleaners

Fabric glue


I used a 12 peg round loom for the body and head joined together I used drawstring stitch again as it is best for doing teddies.

I did 10 rows for face and 20 rows for the body. I sewed both ends and tied some yarn around the neck part to shape the head and I stuffed it before sewing the ends up.

I used a 24 peg round loom using drawstring stitch for the angels dress I did 30 rows. After casting off I sewed the one side to the angels neck to stop it falling off.

I used an 8 peg round loom for the arms and hands joined together and sewed them on to the angel.

I sewed the angels hands together so that it looks like she is praying πŸ™

I used felt material to make the eyes, nose and mouth and glued them on using fabric glue.

And for the halo I used a white pipe cleaner and glued it on to the head using fabric glue.

There we have it a loom knitted angel πŸ‘Ό