Butterfly and flowers I knitted

Butterfly I knitted with my new 12 peg round loom.IMAG2458_1

Two flowers I knitted using small round looms. I sewed on buttons to go in the middle of the flowers.




Car and rocket toilet roll crafts

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Using toilet rolls my son made two cars and two rockets. We did a painted version and tissue paper sticking version.


First of all my son glued some tissue paper on to two toilet rolls, I cut a square out of the roll for the car.


Then he painted two other rolls, and I cut a square out of the roll for the car.


I cut out 8 circles for the wheels, four using black card and four on white card, then my son painted them. I cut out two lots of triangles to make the tops of the rockets.

Once they were all dry, I pinned the wheels on too the cars and cut out yellow and orange strips of tissue to make flames coming out of the rockets.


Now his having fun driving the cars around and throwing the rockets into the air.

Photo memory crafts


First of all I drew around my son’s hands then cut them out. I cut some photos out of a photo collage I made. I then put the hands onto a laminating pouch and put some photos on to the hands prints.



Then I laminated them.


Then my son stamped three white spots with paint to make a snowman.


We then used another photo to cut out the head. And painted a little scarf, buttons and snow coming down.


I cut out a plant pot shape and put one of my son’s hand prints on to it. I put them together with the snowman and laminated it.


I cut around all 3 of them.


We then stuck them on to our back door.


They are nice keep sake crafts to do with children.


We’re going on a bear hunt


One of my favourite children’s books is We’re going on a bear hunt. So I decided to do the book with my son. For each page I wrote the story on one side of the book and my son’s picture on the other side of the book.

Long wavy grass


A deep cold river


Thick oozy mud


A big dark forest


A swirly wirly snow storm


A narrow gloomy cave


It’s a BEAR


Back through the cave and back home


We done each picture in different ways, different textures, materials and resources.

We also made puppets so that we could use the characters when we read the story together.


We both had lots of fun making this book.


Rainy day car painting


On Tuesday it rained all day so we did some rainy day crafts using cars.

First of all we squeezed blobs of paint on to the cloud and umbrella that I cut out


Then my son rubbed the blobs of paint in by rubbing cars up and down it, making car noises at the same time, he was happy. He painted blue rain drops too.


This is a photo of the cloud he painted and the rain drops hangingIMAG2154_1_1

And the umbrella, I cello taped them both onto our back door.


Afterwards, which is his favourite part he got to wash his cars.


He had fun.



Jewellery making

I haven’t made much jewellery yet, so I’m still a beginner. But I thought I’d show you a few things I’ve made.


First of all this is my butterfly necklace I made. It describes me well as I love blue and butterflies. So I’m quite proud of it. Think I could of used a looser chain wire as it seems quite stiff and doesn’t move much. But on the bright side at least the clip does not keep coming round to the front like every other necklace I own.

Next I have two pairs of earrings that I have made.IMAG2130_1IMAG2132_1

Another necklace I have made, this one was a bit more difficult too make especially starting it off.  Turned out okay in the end.


I have also made two bracelets, the one in the first photo was a little bit hard at first, the second one was a bit easier.



I made these using my jewellery making tool kit. Still need lots of practice using them.



Loom knitting

At the minute I have started doing two different knitting projects. I was doing a long rectangle shaped loom:


Not to sure what I’m making with it yet. I was thinking of maybe making a different type of bag or turn it into a tablet case or a book cover, we will see, think it needs to be a little bit longer.

I started working on another project because I brought some round knitting looms, I got so excited I had to try them out


I’m not to sure what I am making with this one either. Maybe socks, gloves, teddy, animal, doll, not too sure how long I’m going to make it yet. I’ll show them on here when I have finished these projects.


Teddy make over

This is a little bit embarrassing to say but I still have my very first teddy from when I was first born. 30 year later it ends up like this:

So I thought after 30 years together it needed a makeover. So I got some white cosy socks and blue cosy socks. I put one white cosy sock over the teddy starting from the head and pulled it down, I cut a slit at the top too part it for the ears I used stuffing to fatten the ears up then sewed the ears up and the rest of the top of the sock for the head. I cut a slit at the bottom of the sock to go round each leg and sewed it up. Then I cut up a blue cosy sock to make a dress for the teddy and cut out two small holes for the tiny arms to fit through and sewed the dress around the arms. I then used the rest of the blue sock to make a hat/ head band for the teddy and sewed it all around the head and in the middle to keep it together. I then sewed on some buttons for the eyes and nose and sewed a mouth on. It now looks like this:

I am really pleased with it turned out better than I thought it would. Looks more like a bunny teddy now, which is what it originally was.


Photo snow globes


At Christmas we made personalised photo snow globes. I cut out a plant pot type shape out of paper and got the kids to decorate them. Then we cut round a photo each and put the bottom part and the photo inside a laminated sheet and laminated it then cut around it to make a snow globe shape.

I made a hole at the top using a hole puncher then tied some string so that we could hang them up. We decided to hang them onto our Christmas tree.

The boys loved them and were so excited to show everyone. They will be able to keep them for ever and hang them on the tree every Christmas. Keepsake crafts always mean so much, they make happy memories.


None messy painting


Sometimes when your busy it’s hard to find things to keep the kids entertained.  So we decided to try something different that was not messy. My son loves painting so I knew it would work.

First of all we filled a plastic wallet with different coloured paints, good to get the kids involved when you do this IMAG2063

Then I rolled over the open side and put cello tape on it. Then cello taped it to the door then my son had lots of fun rubbing and rolling different things onto the paint and there was no mess anywhere. He had lots of fun, kept him quite for ages, except for when he was making car noises lol. I kept them on the window all day so that he could go back to it. IMAG2066IMAG2061IMAG2067

He had fun.