Shell and pinecone Halloween crafts


We had lots of sea shells left over that we collected on holiday. So we painted lots of orange, black and green shells and turned it into a pumpkin by placing them onto a paper plate, it was lots of fun.


We collected some pinecones on our travels so we painted them totlook like Halloween crafts. Pumpkin, ghost and the other one is suppose to be a witch.



Rice pumpkin


My son and I had fun stuffing an orange sock with lots of rice. Then we tied ofd the top with some elastic band. Then painted the stalk green and painted a face on there. Looks a little scary. The kids enjoy playing with it also feels bit like a stress ball. All good fun.

Halloween crafts

We did a few different crafts. Some hand printing and turning polustpolys balls into small Halloween characters to play with. We did ghost, pumpkins and witches, using kitchen roll, tissue paper, string and a little bit of paint.


Then we did some hand printing, pumpkins and spiders and gave them some googly eyes.




This year was our first attempt at picking pumpkins and cutting them. It turned out to be lots of fun. The inside of the pumpkin was rather smelly and slimy but the kids seemed to like it.




We all had fun, not bad for our first attempts.






Flower butterfly wreath


Lately I’ve been knitting lots of flowers, but didn’t know what to do with them. So I decided to make a new wreath. I made it much stronger and better than the last one I made.

I cut lots of cardboard out into a circular shape to make the wreath shape and glued them all together so that its a lot thicker and does not bend. I wrapped green wool all the way around it till you could not see any cardboard. I sewed on the knitted flowers I made, I thought it’s nice but it needs an extra touch. I am obsessed with anything butterflies, so I found a butterfly that I used to have ironed on an old pair of jeans. So I sewed the bottom of the butterfly to the wreath so now we have a butterfly in the middle gives it a nice different touch. Enjoyed making it looks lovely on my front door.


Felt butterfly craft


Felt butterfly I made. I used two blue felt material cut into two butterfly shapes. First on one side I sewed buttons and beads on to the one butterfly as you can see in the photo. Then partly sewed both felt butterflies together, put some stuffing in then sewed it up all the way around.

I think it looks very pretty and colourful 😊

Felt case craft


I made a small case using felt my iPod and phone both fit in there so it’s a good size. Using two different coloured felts, I sewed them together leaving an opening. Sewed some flowers and buttons on and stuck some Velcro on so that it closes up.




Mine craft felt crafts


I made two different mine craft cushions using different coloured felt, stuffed them and sewed them up.


For skeleton I cut out facial features and stuffed the nose area for the nose to stand out. Stuffed the rest of it and sewed it up.


For creep I cut out facial features and sewed them on, stuffed the cushion and sewed it up. My Son loves it, it’s his favourite mine craft character.

They are very simple to make.

Tutorial on how to do Knitted flowers



Here are some knitted flowers I have been working on, similar way to how I’ve knitted flowers in the past but I’ve now knitted leaves on and I’ve learnt how to do the middle of the flower properly and better. Because I’ve had requests on some of my past post on how to knit these types of flowers, I have put together a step by step on how to do them using simple instructions and photos.

I made these flowers using my small flower loom set, I used a square loom and a medium circle see in the photo


Step 1

Start with some green yarn which will make the leaves. First tie it on to the side as shown in photo, then start by going in a straight line across the looms and go a round the peg, then follow it around turning your square as you go backward and forwards looping each peg that’s opposite each other until you have gone all the way round, as seen in the photos



Step 2

Now we start the flower, pick a colour you would like your flower to be, again its the same steps but this time you follow it around in a circle as seen in the photos



Step 3

Untie your yarn and tie it underneath the square. Next we start the middle of the flower, first come up through the middle and go through one of the loops (flower petal) then back up through the middle to the next petal and so on until you have gone all the way around see photos


Step 4

Tie the yarn together underneath and then slowly push the flower and leaves out of the looms, starting with the circle loom in the middle and then the outer square loom.


Your flower is now completed. Hope it helps. I will have to get a proper camera so that I can do a video tutorial.